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Welcome to NETPRO's Online Sepak Takraw (Soccer-Volleyball) Superstore, where you can purchase Sepak Takraw Sports Equipment: balls, nets, portable courts, instructional-coaching manuals, DVD’s, kicking shoes, apparel and souvenirs! This sport is best described as "Soccer Volleyball" or "Kick Volleyball", where 3-on-3 play a game similar to Volleyball on a Badminton sized court, using acrobatic Soccer skills, to pass, set and spike a hand-woven ball back to an opposing team, while the opposing team attempts to block - all without the use of hands or arms! Our motto is "We get our 'kicks' by providing what you need to get yours!"

Whether you're a Sepak Takraw 'rookie', a seasoned athlete, school, P.E. teacher, coach, summer camp, recreation center or sports equipment retailer, we have all the Sepak Takraw products you'll need right here! So order NETPRO equipment/instructional materials/footwear/apparel, start your own Sepak Takraw Club, and get your kicks today!

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