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Welcome to NETPRO's Online Sepak Takraw Superstore, where you can purchase Sepak Takraw: balls, nets, portable courts, instructional/coaching manuals, DVD’s, kicking shoes, apparel and souvenirs! Our motto is "We get our 'kicks' by providing what you need to get yours!" So start your own Sepak Takraw Club and get your kicks!

Whether you're a 'rookie' at this sport, a seasoned athlete, school, P.E. teacher, coach, summer camp, rec. center or sports equipment retailer, we have all the Sepak Takraw products you'll need right here!

We have been holding off on increasing prices as long as we could, but due to increased manufacturing costs the time has come, as of April 21, 2015 (originally scheduled for January 1, 2015) ... the good news is that prices of apparel products have remained the same and prices on some of our materials products have actually been reduced!!

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