Sepak Takraw Nets & Portable Courts

The great thing about Sepak Takraw is that the court for the sport is the same dimensions as the outside lines of a badminton court (20' X 44') and the net height is the same as in badminton as well (5' high). This means that most gym facilities are already have the major equipment necessary for running a Sepak Takraw program, making Sepak Takraw a very easy new sport to introduce at a very inexpensive cost. And with only a minimum of three players on a team, organizing and/or travelling to tournaments is also very inexpensive.

With 2 inch square mesh, the Sepak Takraw Net is heavier than a badminton net but lighter than a volleyball net. It's durable, provides nice net play, and ties perfectly to badminton poles. However, many schools start their Indoor Sepak Takraw programs using their badminton nets at first, and if it goes over really well they will perhaps get Sepak Takraw nets later.

For outdoor sports and recreation programs, our Portable Outdoor Court is an ideal choice to start something new and exciting with participants. It comes complete with a durable net, telescoping poles, guide lines & stakes, and a pre-measured court line that you just unwind and stake in the four corners of the court into the ground. The Portable Sepak Takraw Court can be taken out of its handy carrying bag and set up in 5 minutes. It's ideal for playing in the park on the grass, or for Summer Camps looking for a new sport to introduce to their campers to keep them busy, having fun and keeping fit!


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Sepak Takraw Net
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Portable Outdoor Sepak Takraw Court
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Sepak Takraw Starter Kit Deluxe
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NP Portable Sepak Takraw Game Set - AL
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$503.65 $402.92
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