Sepak Takraw Sessions/Clinics


(ideal for Schools, P.E./Recreation Conferences, Corporate Team Building Activity)

The best way to motivate future potential ‘Kicking Sensations’ or ‘Sepak Takraw Stars’ in your school or community, for about grade 5 or 6 and up, is to host a STAC Kicking and/or Sepak Takraw Clinic(s). Ideal numbers are 6 - 10 participants per badminton court, so gym size and number of badminton courts that can be set up will dictate the number of particpants involved per clinic session. Following are six different clinic options to choose from:

1.)   1-HOUR INTRODUCTION TO KICKING CLINIC: where participants learn 5 Basic Kicks to control a hand-woven ball without using hands or arms, and try a few ‘Kickers Rock Challenges’ (i.e. Consecutive Kicks, Target Kick, Circle Game, Trick Kicks, Wall-Run Sepak Takraw, etc.) for which winners could get a prize such as a Takraw ball, t-shirt, poster, Takraw key chain, etc.

2.)   1-HOUR INTRODUCTION TO SEPAK TAKRAW CLINIC: where participants are divided up into teams and are taught the net game (Sepak Takraw) skills and strategies, putting their newly learned kicking skills to use over a net in a team sport (from modified versions at first, to the actual game).

3.)    2-HR. COMBINATION CLINIC: combining 1.) & 2.) above.

4.)   1-HOUR QUICK KICKING/SEPAK TAKRAW CLINIC: where participants quickly learn the kicking skills and move right into a modified net game (without doing Challenges, etc.).

5.)   HALF-DAY KICKING/SEPAK TAKRAW CLINIC: combining 1.) & 2.) above, PLUS spend more time going through some drills that will develop specific skills for the positions played in the net game (i.e., serving, setting, spiking, blocking).

6.)   FULL-DAY KICKING/SEPAK TAKRAW CLINIC: same as 5.) above, PLUS spend extra time developing game skills and strategies, PLUS make up teams and have a mini Sepak Takraw Tournament.





One group doing

Clinic 1.), 2.) or 4.)

One group doing

Clinic 3.)

One group doing

Clinic 5.)

One group doing


- - -

Two groups, each doing

Clinic 1.), 2.) or 4.)

Two or three groups,

each doing

Clinic 1.), 2.) or 4.)

Two groups, each

doing Clinic 5.) OR

3 – 5 groups doing

1.), 2.), 4.) or 5.)









* Education Price, Plus Expenses: Transportation (airfare or mileage, $0.40/km); Meals; Accommodation as applicable. What most schools/communities do is have several other schools in the area also book clinics on consecutive days so that they all can chip in and share the expenses cost, making it possible to have a series of motivating, professional Sepak Takraw Skills Clinics for a reasonable and manageable cost.

** Corporate Price, Plus Expenses: Transportation (airfare or mileage, $0.50/km); Meals; Accommodation as applicable. Sepak Takraw as a Corporate Team Building Activity is a wonderfully FUN experience, and is modified to fit the corporation's needs and time schedule. Really, Sepak Takraw is an ideal Corporate Team Building Activity because guaranteed, most of your participants will never have tried playing this game before, so everyone will be on a level playing field and will ALL be trying something new for the first time. As well, Sepak Takraw is a game that is easily modified for 'newbies', which is why it's starting to be so successful even in elementary schools!

NOTE: For Sessions/Clinics within Saskatchewan, please contact Sepak Takraw Sask (STAS). For  Clinics within Canada, please contact the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada (STAC). NETPRO Sepak Takraw Clinics are primarily targeted for groups outside Canada.




“Sepak” is Malay for “kick” and “Takraw” is Thai for “hand-woven ball”. As a net game, this sport was first developed in Malaysia, then spread quickly throughout the rest of South East Asia … and in fact is now Malaysia’s national sport.


Sepak Takraw is: a cross between soccer and volleyball played on a doubles badminton court, as 3 players on each side of a 5-foot high net get three chances to kick, knee, shoulder, or head a hand-woven ball back to the opposing team. The strategy, like volleyball, is to make the best use of your three hits to pass, set and spike the ball as the opposing team attempts to block – but all without the use of hands or arms!


Benefits of Sepak Takraw are that it: can be played as a solo activity, group recreation, or team sport; can be played indoor or outdoor; develops excellent eye-foot co-ordination, leg strength, and flexibility; enhances the skills required for playing soccer; and is very inexpensive to play (equipment is minimal and inter-club traveling can be done in one vehicle since there are only 3 or 4 players on a team – perfect for smaller schools).


Overall Main Benefit of Sepak Takraw is: that it is a new game and very appealing, so it attracts participation in a form of recreation that helps develop the largely neglected area of eye-foot coordination and promotes active living among "youth of all ages", but primarily for ages 9 or 10 - adult. There are now over 30 countries playing Sepak Takraw world-wide, with the IOC having viewed it for future Olympic consideration, so isn’t it time your school/community/group/corporation got its kicks?


Short Abstract 1:

This fun-filled game of Sepak Takraw mainly combines Soccer and Volleyball on a badminton court, using unique hand-woven balls. Taught properly, participants quickly discover how easy the game is to play … it’s all about modifying and progressions – and developing the largely neglected area of eye-foot coordination. This is a very inexpensive, practical, extremely fun sport that anyone can play … over 30 countries now playing, isn’t it time you got your kicks?


Short Abstract 2:

Learn how to execute and teach the basic kicks for Sepak Takraw and play the game, which mainly combines soccer & volleyball on a badminton court … pass, set, spike, block, but no hands! It develops eye-foot coordination, is extremely active & fun, and is a very inexpensive sport to introduce! You’ll also learn the keys for success: modifications, benchmarks & progressions.


Mini Abstract:

Sepak Takraw, a game combining soccer & volleyball on a badminton court … pass, set, spike, block, but no hands! Develops eye-foot coordination. Easily modified. Extremely active & fun!



Session: LEARN TO PLAY & TEACH SEPAK TAKRAW (Kick Volleyball)

Sepak Takraw is a cross between soccer and volleyball, played on a badminton court, as 3 players on each side of a 5-foot high net get three chances to kick, knee, shoulder or head a unique hand-woven ball back to the opposing team. Through video, instruction, lead-up activities, demonstration and participation, participants will be able to learn the skills and strategies necessary to PLAY and TEACH Sepak Takraw. Each participant will also receive handouts on skills, lead-up activities and games, and current international rules that will assist them in implementing Sepak Takraw as part of their PE and/or recreation program.

EQUIPMENT/AV NEEDS: Gymnasium, Badminton Nets set up, Gym Mats, Small Step Ladder, TV/DVD Player
TIME: 1 - 2 hours




RICHARD (RICK) ENGEL: received his Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Regina and taught school for 6 ½ years, part of which included introducing the new sport of Sepak Takraw in Physical Education classes. Rick left teaching in 1993 and founded ASEC International, whose mandate was to ‘Bridge Understanding Between Cultures’, primarily East between and West, through Asia Presentations and ‘hands on’ experiences/activities in schools, of which one of the most popular cultural/sport activities became Sepak Takraw. Then in 1998, Rick founded, and is still President of, the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada (STAC) and since 2004 has been one of eight Vice Presidents of the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF), which governs the sport globally. In 2009 he helped establish, and is Vice President-Finance/Administration of, Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan, Canada’s first official Provincial Sport Governing Body (PSGB) for Sepak Takraw.

In spite of the time and energy committed towards the administration of Sepak Takraw provincially & nationally in Canada, Rick still also competes in the sport at every level and has quite a collection of every colour of medal from both provincial and national championships, as well as a silver medal from the King’s Cup World Championships. He has been player/coach of Canada’s national team, leading them to 11 world/international championship events in Thailand, Malaysia, China and France since 1999.

Rick has been awarded his international Coaching and Refereeing Certificates from ISTAF (2000), is currently completing his NCCP – Competition Development Certificate, is in demand for conducting Sepak Takraw Clinics all across North America, and has even conducted Sepak Takraw clinics in schools in France.

Interviewed by TIME magazine in an article on Sepak Takraw (May 28, 2007, Canadian & Asian editions), Rick is considered one of the key pioneers in the promotion and development of Sepak Takraw world-wide, has authored or co-authored 4 books on the sport, including, “Sepak Takraw 101” (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Editions … which has been translated into Indonesian and 3000 copies printed and put in Indonesian Schools) and “Get Active, Get Your Kicks! Sepak Takraw Benchmarks & Evaluation Resource Manual” (1st & 2nd Editions), and has produced 5 Sepak Takraw DVD’s. Rick has also helped create very informative national and provincial websites for the sport of Sepak Takraw in Canada, both of which have a high world-wide viewership, those being and

Over the years Rick has also been instrumental in organizing bringing International Sepak Takraw Teams from THAILAND, MALAYSIA, JAPAN, CHINA and USA to compete in various Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championships and in separate Demonstration Events all across Canada. Local, provincial and national programs have involved Laos, Karen, Burmese and Philippine Canadians in the sport and have provided great avenues for integration into Canadian Culture. In the spring of 2008, Rick was the recipient of the National “Enriching My Canada and Yours” (EMCY) Award for his work with Sepak Takraw and contributions to Diversity in Sports in Canada.


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