Sepak Takraw Instructional-Action Poster

Sepak Takraw Instructional-Action Poster
Brand: Sepak Takraw Association of Canada
Product Code: 12-0000
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- Brilliant full color, 19" X 28", glossy finish.
- Excellent motivational teaching tool.
- Shows each of the 5 basic kicks in being executed.
- Shows beginner net action and progresses to the pros.
- Lastly, a perfect sequence of shots nicely shows how a roll spike is methodically executed from kick to landing ... and yes they do land on their feet!
- Note that from the pictures it is obvious that Sepak Takraw can be played indoors and outdoors, and also note that anybody can play Sepak Takraw; young, old, male, female, short or tall ... it doesn't matter.

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