Official Sepak Takraw Rule Book, 4th Edition

Official Sepak Takraw Rule Book, 4th Edition
Brand: Sepak Takraw Association of Canada
Product Code: 09-2000
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- 62 pages, handy booklet size (5 1/2” X 8 1/2”) is ideal to have at intramurals or tournaments for quick reference;
- Re-written to be clearer with consistent terminology;
- Includes the complete, most current, international rules (including changes that occurred in 2011/2012) and Standard Game Protocol for FOUR International Sepak Takraw Games/Events in addition to the Circle Game, specifically, they are: 
    “Regu” Sepak Takraw (playing 3 on 3); 
    “Doubles” Sepak Takraw (playing 2 on 2); 
    “Beach” Sepak Takraw (playing 4 on 4 in the sand); 
    “Hoop” Sepak Takraw (5 players on the same team kicking into hoops suspended 15 ½ feet high).

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