Portable Outdoor Sepak Takraw Court

Portable Outdoor Sepak Takraw Court
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- Telescoping, light but strong aluminum telescoping poles that extent with a push of a button, then lock in;
- 2 sets of strong nylon guide ropes to hold poles in place;
- 4 - 8” metal stakes to anchor the guide ropes;
- A one-piece, 20 ft. X 44 ft., pre-measured court of strong nylon rope with 4 corner stakes to anchor into the ground;
- Handy rope winder for the court line;

- 1 durable nylon net, 22 ft X 2 ½ ft, black netting of 2” squares, white edging, easy to attach to badminton poles;
- Strong nylon carrying bag ... it all sets up in 5 minutes!
- Excellent for school play grounds, parks, outdoor recreation areas, summer camps, etc.!

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