Sepak Takraw 101 Manual, 4th Edition

Sepak Takraw 101 Manual, 4th Edition
Brand: Sepak Takraw Association of Canada
Product Code: 10-2000
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- 122 pages, 8 ½” X 11”, Includes EVERYTHING needed to plan and run a school/community/club program:
- Lesson plans; progress charts; check lists, skill tests; 
- 200+ illustrated warm ups, stretches and exercises; 
- 120 lead-up activities, games and drills – from beginner to advanced levels;
- 90 technical illustrations to show body/leg/foot positioning;
- Step-by-step "how to" for 21 kicks and spikes, including the “Horse Kick”; 
- 70+ new, updated action photos and updated information throughout; 
- Advanced Training & Fitness Program, including Psychological Training;
- A whole section of score sheets, charts, tests & forms that is allowed to be photocopied; 
- This is a MUST BUY resource … all the work for planning and running a program is done for you!

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